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so_glamx's Journal

We are glam
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We are the glamest of the glam.
If you want to join us you must apply.
But if you can't take the heat, don't even bother.
We are harsh.
Meet your / / / Mods / / /

For the applicants.
1. You aren't a member yet, so don't think you are.
2. Arguing with the members in your application is autoban.
3. You will be critisized, don't take it too harsh.
4. Fill out the whole application. Any applicants not meeting this requirement is an autoreject
5. If the application isn't friends only it's an autoban.
6. Put, "I am glamtastic baby" in the lj cut.
7. Post in This Entry when you are stamped.
8. Follow the rules or you'll end up like these; Rejected Applicants

For the members.
1. Arguing with the owner or any mod is an autoban.
2. Promote your glamtastic ass offf.
3. Don't do one word comments, give reasons.
4. Be active and participate in themes, discussions, etc.
5. All posts must be friends only.
6. Have fun being a glamtastic bitch!

Points will go into effect once we hit THIRTY members.
.x. Mods
.x. Members


facingmyreality - Not FO'ing her application & causing too much drama.
cuore_spaccato - Public application


Contact the mod(ziggyliekwoah) to become a sister.

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